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I love Ensō. How can I tell my friends about it?

We are happy to hear that. You can tell your friends about Ensō by sharing it on Twitter or Facebook. We’ll be forever grateful :-)

I am condfused, how can I use Ensō?

Ensō is very simple to use:

Step 1: Go to the "Set Timers" tab and set your preparation, interval and meditation times using the circular sliders
Step 2: Go to the "Settings" tab; choose the bell sounds that you would like to use for your session, and adjust other settings to your liking
Step 3: Go to the "Timer" tab and tap on “Begin” to start your session.

What are Preparation and Interval timers?

You can use the Preparation timer to give yourself some time to before the start bell goes off (adjust your position, etc.). It can be set to any number between 0 to 60 seconds.

Interval timer is meant to act as a reminder. It can be used in walking meditations, for refocusing your attention or simply for knowing how far into your session you are.

Help! I am allergic to cats!

Ok. We get it. Not everybody likes the Mindful Kitty cartoon that's displayed at the end of each session. As of Enso 2.0, the cat cartoon can be switched off in the settings.

You can also switch off social sharing if you prefer a real minimalistic end of the session and don't use the feature.

What is a Preset and how do I create one?

You can save your frequently used settings as a Preset. For example, if you meditate for 30 minutes in the morning and use Japanese temple bell and 50 minutes in the evening with bells set to off. You can create a morning and an evening preset and turn them on each time without having to change all the settings manually.

To create a preset:

1) go to the "Set Timer" screen and set the timers to your desired times,
2) go to "Settings" and choose the beginning, interval and end bells that you'd like to use,
3) go to "Presets" and tap on "Add a Preset" to create your preset.

You can then turn on your preset by tapping the switch button.

Optionally, you can select a start and end time for the preset so it can be used as an Intelligent Preset

What are Intelligent Presets and How do I use them?

Intelligent Presets are presets that can be automatically activated at certain times of the day when the Intelligent Presets switch is on.

For example, if your morning session usually takes place between 9am to 11am with the same settings, you can create a preset that is activate during those hours automatically when the Intelligent Presets is switched on in Settings.

Please note that all presets (including the one with a start and end time) can be switched on manually. This means that all presets (regardless of the fact that they have a start and end time) are activated immediately when they are switched on.

Additionally, presets with a start and an end time can be activated automatically by switching the Intelligent Presets on.

What are Searchable Presets?

If you are using iOS 9, the presets that you create are available via spotlight search.

To search for a preset, go to your home screen and swipe down from the middle of the screen. Then, enter the name of your presets in the search field.
Tapping the preset's name in the search results will activate that preset immediately.

For example, if you have created a preset named "15 minutes", you can activate it at any time by searching for it in the spotlight and tapping it in the search results.

I have a feature request/idea, what should I do?

We are always interested in hearing your feedback, ideas and feature requests. And we will be releasing new features in every update. Please contact us with your feature requests and ideas using the contact form. We’ll proiritize and implement new features based on their popularity in future updates.

I have an issue. What should I do?

Please contact us either by emailing support at fascinative.ca or by using the contact form and we’ll do our best to help you.

Can I set a meditation timer longer than 60 minutes?

No, currently the maximum time supported is 60 minutes. If there is enough interest, we can provide support for longer session times in a future update. Let us know if you want it :)

My progress is not tracked? What gives?

Only the data from completed sessions are reported to progress tracker. If you abandon a session (stop it mid-session), no data will be recorded.

Is the progress report shared between devices?

No. Progress data is device specific. If you complete a session on your iPad for example, the progress is not reflected on your iPhone. We are thinking of implementing this feature into a future update. Let us know if you think it will be useful.

Help. When I start a meditation session, I cannot go to other tabs.

This is a feature to help you focus on your session when it’s started. If you need to change a setting, simply stop your session to activate other tabs.

I have purchased a bell on my iPhone, can I use it on my iPad?

Yes. Go to the settings tab and tap on Restore Purchases. Make sure you sign in using the same Apple ID that you used for your original purchase.

What is the Value Pack?

All the bells and bowls available for purchase at a discounted price.

What is Meditation Streak?

Meditation Streak is the number of consecutive days you have meditated. If you miss a day, it will be reset to zero.

Is my progress data backed up to iCloud?

No. Progress data is stored locally on your device and is device-specifc. If you delete the app, you will lose all your data.

Can I transfer or share my progress data between devices?

No. We don’t currently offer this feature.

I have an App idea. Can you help me build it?

Of course. Mobile consulting and development is our specialty. Please visit us at fascinative.ca or send an email to hello at fascinative.ca and we can talk about it further.

Help. My question is not answered here!!

Please send us an email at support@fascinative.ca . We'll be happy to answer your question or help solve your problem.